Nordic Program

The SMS Nordic Program has combined sport science, a proven training program, and efficient workouts to boast one of the most successful Nordic programs in the country.
Its unprecedented national and international success has produced 16 Olympians in the past seven Winter Olympics. Over 35 SMS Nordic athletes have made the U.S. World Junior Team and 25 have made the U.S. National Team. Contact Nordic Director Matt Boobar with questions.

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  • Nordic Program Philosophy

    The Stratton Mountain School Nordic Program strives to develop individuals with an appreciation for an active, outdoor lifestyle and a love of the sport while providing every opportunity for success at the highest levels. Nordic skiers at SMS are expected to be model students, dedicated athletes, and exemplary citizens of the school community.

    We take a long-term and complete-athlete approach in our development process. The SMS Nordic program focuses on solid, consistent training in a variety of modes as well as appropriate exposure to regional, national, and international level competition. This is achieved in a team environment, emphasizing camaraderierie, respect, and accountability. 

    In pursuit of athlete education, we create an environment that allows student-athletes to understand and take ownership of the processes that facilitate improvement and success and equip them with the tools to achieve their goals. Skiers leave SMS with the knowledge needed to continue their progress as athletes and individuals regardless of their path— a collegiate ski program, the US Ski Team, academic pursuits, or other personal goals. 
  • Remarkable Success, Unique Focus

    SMS cross-country skiers have had remarkable success because of their unique focus. The young athletes acquire a love for the sport and develop the technical skills they need to build upon in later years. As U16 and U14 athletes enter the program, the SMS Nordic coaches focus on building technique and speed, while introducing the athletes to a systematic training regimen. As the athletes progress to the U18 and U20 levels, the program then builds into more systematic and specific training. Athletes are given year-round training plans and opportunities. Our competition season begins during the fall camp in late November and culminates with a spring racing series in North America or Scandinavia.

2020-21 FAST FACTS

  • 50% of the SMS Nordic Team are ranked in the top ten for their year of birth according to the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Rankings.
  • Fin Bailey ’23
    • Currently ranked 1st nationally for his age class
    • Won every U16 Vermont Cup race this season
    • Named “NENSA U16 Vermont State Champion”
  • Mathias Boudreau-Golfman ’21
    • Named Runner-Up in NENSA U18 Vermont State Championship
    • Finished 2nd in Eastern Division
  • Jack Lange ’22
    • Named “NENSA U18 Vermont State Champion”
    • Finished 3rd in Eastern Division
  • Wyatt Teaford ’23
    • Currently ranked 2nd nationally for his age class
    • Finished 3rd in NENSA U16 Vermont State Championship

2020-21 Season Highlights

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  • NCAA Championships

    Top-ten Results: 2; Will Koch ’19 (7th) &  Lina Sutro (9th)
  • NENSA Regional Teams

    • The entire boys’ team was named to the NENSA Eastern U16 and Eastern High School Championship teams. 
    • Miley Bletzer '25 was named to the NENSA Eastern U16 Championship team.
    • Mathias Boudreau-Golfman ’21, Jack Lange ’22, and Janne Koch ’22 were invited to the NENSA Regional Elite Group Camp. 
    • Fin Bailey ’23, Wyatt Teaford ’23, David Shycon ’23, Micah Bruner ’25, and Miley Bletzer ’25 were invited to the eastern U16 Elite Devo camp.
  • VT NENSA Eastern State Championships

    • Top-ten Results: 29 
  • NENSA VT Cups

    • Top-ten Results: 63
    • Podium Finishes: 30
    • First-place finishes: 11
    • Fin Bailey ’23 (U16) won every race that he entered.
  • Vermont Cup Series

    • Gold: 13
    • Silver: 14
    • Bronze: 8
  • Vermont FIS Series

    • Gold: 5
    • Silver: 6
    • Bronze: 4

2021-22 Davis U.S. Cross Country Ski Team

A Team:
  • Jessie Diggins (SMS T2 Team)
B Team: 
  • Julia Kern PG‘16
  • Katharine Ogden '16
D Team:
  • Sophia Laukli PG'19
  • Ben Ogden '18

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