Built on a Tradition of Excellence


Stratton Mountain School offers a rich environment that is intellectually challenging both in and out of the classroom. Our diverse student population adds texture to the learning of all our students.

During their years at Stratton Mountain School, our students learn from their coaches and teachers to demand excellence of themselves and from others. Balancing high expectations and a rigorous schedule, students develop the crucial ability to translate freedom and independence into the sense of responsibility and maturity they will need to face college and life beyond.

The Stratton Mountain School faculty brings years of practical and academic experience into the classroom, as well as an incredibly broad view of the world. They are world-class athletes, mechanical engineers, computer consultants, physicists, and professional writers. Stratton Mountain School’s commitment to employ teachers whose sole responsibility is teaching has resulted in an exceptional legion of academic staff. With 70% of our teachers holding at least a master’s degree, each faculty member brings his or her passion for teaching and a solid foundation in their field of study into the classroom.

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