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Hello, Alumni!

Hello SMS Alumni!

Our SMS community includes over 835 alumni who live and work around the world, from as far as Japan to right here in Stratton. In its ranks are artists, entrepreneurs, physicians, professors, business leaders, writers, professional athletes, public servants, coaches, and scientists who are all bound together by the unique SMS experience. As Darren Bloch ‘92 puts it, “My greatest lesson from SMS is an understanding of just how hard you need to work to succeed at a high level, in ANY endeavor.”

We encourage you to stay in touch and get involved; we welcome new volunteers! Come back and enjoy the incredible facilities your campus has to offer. Work out in the gym, hit some balls on the paddle court, play lacrosse the field, kick balls on the indoor turf, peruse the art gallery in the Patti Kaltsas Education, Arts and Student Center, and train with the team. Know that SMS will always be your home.

We are always gathering Class Notes for our annual Starting Gate magazine. Have you recently gotten married or engaged? Were you promoted at work? Did you move? Did you start a new business? Do you have a baby? Have you traveled? Have you participated in an athletic competition? Your classmates want to know what you’re up to! Email Morgan Taylor at mtaylor@gosms.org or send us a Facebook message on our Stratton Mountain School Alumni Facebook page.

Many of our event invitations are sent electronically, so please be sure we have your updated email address, as well as any address changes.

We look forward to seeing many of you during the course of the year. We hope you will visit us both here online and in person when time allows, and be sure to check out our events page!

Morgan Taylor
Alumni Coordinator
(802) 856–1269

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