Campus Life

Student Leadership

Stratton Mountain School’s Student Leadership program offers opportunities for student engagement and to increase ownership amongst the student body in the overall enhancement of Student Life at the school.
Student leadership positions, which are chosen by a committee of faculty members, are well-respected by the staff and require commitment as well as previously demonstrated leadership capabilities.

Filling a position of leadership means the student is a de facto member of the student council. The student will work with the Dean of Students and Director of Student Leadership to create a positive, pleasant experience for his/her/their peers at SMS. The student will support the school's policies and able to dedicate their time to the position as needed. 


Qualified students will demonstrate characteristics that align with the student-driven school values, known as BEARS, detailed below:
To apply to any of the listed positions below, please fill out this Google Form Application, which is reviewed by Miss Daly ( Feel free to speak with Miss Daly directly if you have any questions about any of the positions and their expectations. Applications must be submitted by Sunday, September 13th.

Student Leadership Positions:

List of 11 items.

  • Dorm Prefect

    (Positions Filled) Position held by a senior and chosen annually through an application process. Works closely with the adult dorm heads and the Director of Student Leadership to help implement and enforce policies that ensure a safe and healthy residential life program.
  • Health Promoter

    Cares deeply about maintaining a healthy environment at SMS. Works with a team of faculty members to prevent and address unhealthy behavior both in our physical and virtual environments. Promotes healthy behavior amidst the presence of COVID19 as well as addresses mental health awareness. Must have strong willingness to mobilize the student body and strong potential for developing mediation skills.
  • Social Justice Advocate

    Serves as a peer-to-peer educator to promote tolerance and encourage inclusivity at SMS. Works with the Director or Student Leadership to engage in trainings and participate in productive action planning. 
  • International Student Liaison

    Works with dorm prefect to engage new students in life at SMS, extending beyond the residential program to include day students as well. Engages international students in life at SMS by encouraging the creation of and participation in a diverse range of activities. Reports problems to the Director of Student Leadership and Dean of Students as necessary. Required to help facilitate housing options for students from far away during
    dorm closures.
  • Academic Mentor

    Given to an outstanding junior or senior who has demonstrated superior organizational skills and self-discipline in academics. Volunteers to offer guidance and pointers to underclassmen, especially during the demanding winter months. Fulfills responsibilities as determined appropriate by the Dean of Academics and the Director of Student Leadership.
  • Admissions Ambassador

    Participants on this committee help to shape the future of the school by engaging with prospective students and their families to provide a well-rounded student perspective on life at SMS. Tasks may include giving tours, emailing students, and serving as welcoming hosts when called upon by the Director of Admissions.
  • Head of Weekend Activities

    Works with the Director of Student Activities to create fun and exciting activities for students and encourages participation by all members of the community (to include residential and day student alike). He/she/they advocate on behalf of popular demand while continuously considering the needs of all students.
  • Sustainability Representative

    Collaborates with the Environmental Teacher to establish and maintain project goals to improve the environmental impact that the school makes and ensure that our campus is left in a clean and well-maintained manner. Tasks may include starting campaigns to limit over usage of campus resources.
    Monitors order and cleanliness of common spaces, and encourages peers to do the same.
  • School Spirit Advocate

    Leads school in organizing school spirit initiatives and extra-curricular events. Empowered to build upon existing traditions and start new ones, enhancing the community of the school. Creates activities to promote camaraderie, sportsmanship, and a safe environment on and off campus. Engages other students to ensure full participation.
  • Community Service Lead

    In collaboration with the Director of Student Leadership will assist in organizing opportunities to engage in community service both on campus and in the community.
  • Anti-Bullying Advocate

    Works with a team of faculty members to create activities that promote camaraderie, sportsmanship, and a safe and healthy environment on and off campus.
Stratton Mountain School is an independent boarding and day school that focuses on college preparatory academics and competitive winter sports. Located at the base of Stratton Mountain, SMS is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools.