Built on a Tradition of Excellence


Stratton Mountain School offers a unique, challenging and focused curriculum that encourages students to maximize their learning in and outside of the classroom and to use their time efficiently and effectively as they navigate their academic and athletic goals. Our courses are carefully scheduled in order for each student to succeed as a scholar while pursuing their goals outside of the classroom.

Students at SMS enjoy average class sizes of ten students, which allows for personalized attention from teachers and individualized approaches to class work. The SMS curriculum is unique in that it is built around supporting the travel of winter sports athletes. In the winter, classes are conducted in the afternoons, and only core courses (English, math, science, history and foreign language) are taught during this time. All teachers develop and maintain a strong web-based curriculum, with access to both assignments and teacher feedback easily accessible to traveling student athletes. All core classes are NCAA approved for students who intend to pursue college level athletics. 

The SMS curriculum has been carefully designed to assure the strong foundation of knowledge and skills that have allowed our students to excel at the most challenging colleges and universities in the country. 

SMS offers Honors courses during the junior and senior years. Honors sections are offered in all junior and senior level humanities classes as well as advanced math, science and language classes. Please note that Honors classes are not weighted differently than their standard counterparts. Students qualify for honors classes with proven academic excellence (typically a grade of 93 or better in the subject area), teacher recommendation, and a history of timely and comprehensive homework completion as well as class leadership.

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