Reopening SMS

COVID-19 Task Force

    Stratton Mountain School has convened a set of Task Forces to develop the Stratton Mountain School COVID-19 Reopening of Campus Protocol (SMSC-19 Protocol), which covers all aspects of campus life, including; Academics, Athletics, Communications, Dining Services, Facilities Management, Health and Safety, Residential Life, and Travel.


    This Task Force will ensure the safe and effective delivery of academic content,  explore scheduling options, classroom protocols, and equipment needs. While we will begin the year focused on residential learning, we will remain prepared to pivot to distance learning if necessary. 
    Members: Jess Baron, Gabrielle Guise, Kate Koch, Alex Lehmann, Chris Marks, Rob Rose, Tim Taylor, Richard Thorley

    Communications Outreach

    This Task Force will utilize our communications network to set expectations for the reopening of Stratton Mountain School. We will provide COVID-19 related updates and share best practices across a range of mediums, including demonstration videos and hosting a series of virtual Town Hall Meetings prior to the start of school.

    Members: Katy McNabb, Deb Newson, Ashlee O’Hara, Melissa Oliva


    This Task Force will establish protocols for campus buildings and public spaces. We will monitor cleaning and sanitation practices, vehicle and human traffic flow strategies, and recommend facility upgrades as necessary. 
    Members: Gary Gras, Rick Jones, David Kent, Kayla Patridge, Matt Prendergast, Mary Via

    Residential Life

    This Task Force will set protocols for all facets of our boarding program. We are focused on student preparation, move-in procedures, roommate considerations, and the creation of dormitory guidelines.

    Members: Emily Daly, Cat Harnden, Deb Newson, Katie Rose, Morgan Taylor, Holly Wendell


    This Task Force will ensure that SMS continues to provide exceptional training while following guidelines outlined by the State of Vermont and the CDC. We will set schedules, create safe training locations, and institute cleaning and locker room protocols. 
    Members: Matt Boobar, Michael Culver, Will Horstmann, Jesse Mallis, Mike Morin, Ross Powers

    Dining Services

    This Task Force will maintain a safe dining experience for our community. We will reduce touchpoints, introduce barriers, ensure safe distancing, and promote sanitation in high traffic areas. 

    Members: Michael Crane, Carson Thurber

    Health & Safety

    This Task Force is focused on creating a culture that prioritizes COVID-19 prevention strategies to keep the SMS community healthy and safe. We are exploring ways to ensure that all students, faculty, staff, and visitors can return to a "COVID-19 Ready" campus. 

    Members: Kate Boobar, Gwen Dougherty, Anne Guarino, Elle Gilbert, Jamaica Kaercher, Catherine Sterling, PhD 


    This Task Force will set risk mitigation strategies for travel associated with training and competition. We will set protocols for local, regional, and international travel, day and overnight training camps, use of school vans and rental vehicles, and use of public transportation. 
    Members: Allison Barber, Topher Harlow, Mary Ives, Alex Jospe, Naga Kusumi, Jim Sullivan, Sam Tarrant

    Stratton Mountain School is an independent boarding and day school that focuses on college preparatory academics and competitive winter sports. Located at the base of Stratton Mountain, SMS is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools.