SMS Students Receive 2021 Undergraduate Awards and Scholarships

Congratulations to the 28 student-athletes who received academic and athletic awards during the  2021 Undergraduate Award Ceremony last Friday!
STRATTON, VT- On Friday, May 14, 2021, Stratton Mountain School honored 28 student-athletes in grades 7-11 with academic and athletic awards during the  2021 Undergraduate Award Ceremony in McCormick Auditorium. Award recipients are nominated by members of SMS faculty based on their academic, athletic, and personal accomplishments throughout the academic year. The entire staff then casts their vote based on personal experience with each student.  

This year’s recipients and awards include:

Headmaster’s Award: Eliza Sullivan ’22 & Miley Bletzer ’25
Awarded to one full-term student and one winter-term student who, due to outstanding commitment to personal goals and to the school as a whole, is deemed a much-valued member of the community. This is a top-level award for undergraduates.

The Rebecca Ann McGill Award: Sofia Di Bitetto ’23
Awarded to a female, alpine sophomore who will be returning to SMS for her junior year. This award recipient possesses the qualities of Beckie McGill during her time at SMS. Beckie is remembered for being loyal, supportive, and a kind friend. Additionally, she was a fierce competitor who loved to ski. She worked hard, was determined, and focused on success. She had a wonderful smile and an energetic sense of fun. The award includes a $500 scholarship. 

The Schlachter-Mabee Citizenship Award: Skylar Slettene ’22 & Benjamin Richards ’23
Awarded to one female and one male who are all-around good students and SMS citizens. Each student is always ready to help both peers and adults in the SMS community, from lending a hand at class fundraisers to helping decorate the gym for events.

The Micki Abbenhaus Award: Eva Morin ’22
Awarded to a female junior who is returning to SMS for their senior year. This award recipient possesses the qualities of Micki Abbenhaus during her time at SMS. Micki is remembered for her upbeat, positive, and energetic attitude in everything she attempted, even when she didn’t succeed; she never gave up. She was a “spark plug,” and great to be around. The award includes a $1,000 scholarship for SMS.

The Peter Burtscher Award: Aleix Aubert ’23
Awarded to the underclassman who, in the spirit of Peter Burtscher, shows a passion and enthusiasm for life. The recipient should be someone who is continually enhancing the environment of the school whether in academics, athletics, or student life.

The Harvard Club of VT Award: Pedro Holscher ’22
Awarded to a student who has achieved notable academic success while overcoming personal challenges, or to a student who has consistently impressed teachers while not always garnering the recognition he or she deserves.

The Williams College Book Award: Janne Koch ’22
Awarded to the junior student who has demonstrated intellectual leadership and has made a positive contribution to the extracurricular life of SMS.

The Middlebury College Book Award: Jack Lange ’22
Awarded to a junior student who possesses all-around proficiency in academics, with a special interest in one area of study.

Alpine Awards:
  • Women’s U19 Improvement Award: Eva Morin ’22
  • Women’s U19 Achievement Award: Eliza Sullivan ’22
  • Men’s U19 Improvement Award: John Kelleher ’23
  • Men’s U19 Achievement Award: Pedro Holscher ’22
  • Women’s U16 Improvement Award: Abby Kelleher ’25
  • Women’s U16 Achievement Award: Haven Loring ’23
  • Men’s U16 Improvement Award: Simon Baron ’23
  • Men’s U16 Achievement Award: Aleix Aubert ’23
  • Women’s U14 Coaches Award: Ainsley Goodman ’25
  • Women’s U14 Achievement Award: Merritt Loring ’25
  • Men’s U14 Coaches Award: Tomas Holscher ’25
  • Men’s U14 Achievement Award: Tor Borgia ‘26

Freeski Awards: 
  • Freeski Improvement Award: Joe Steinman ’23
  • Freeski Achievement Award: Max Siudak ’22
  • Freeski Coaches Award: Kaylen Reiley ’22

Freestyle Awards: 
  • Women’s Freestyle Improvement Award: Nora Scheid ’24
  • Women’s Freestyle Achievement Award: Skylar Slettene ’22
  • Men’s Freestyle Improvement Award: Oliver Kosinski ’23
  • Men’s Freestyle Achievement Award: Gavin Tobey ’22

Nordic Awards: 
  • Nordic Improvement Award: Chip Freeman ’23
  • Nordic Achievement Award: Fin Bailey ‘23

Snowboard Awards:
  • Women’s Improvement Award: Charlotte Flowers ’24
  • Women’s Achievement Award: Skylar Koeppe ’24
  • Men’s Improvement Award: Blake Siebrecht ’25
  • Men’s Achievement Award: Connor Cavanagh ’23 

Photos by Sam Tarrant.
Stratton Mountain School is an independent boarding and day school that focuses on college preparatory academics and competitive winter sports. Located at the base of Stratton Mountain, SMS is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools.