Student of the Week: April 29, 2021

Congratulations to SMS Freeski’s Pierre Verville ’21 for being recognized as Stratton Mountain School’s Student of the Week! 
If you were to look up 'maverick' in the dictionary, you would likely find a picture of Pierre Verville.  Thanks to his thoughtful signature style, it is clear that this young man does not follow the status quo. But, to those who know Pierre best, it is his innate curiosity and insatiable hunger for knowledge that makes him truly stand out from the crowd. 

As his Freeski Coach, Liam Downey put it, “Maybe it’s the dad jokes-- always right on the edge of acceptability--  or the music --anything goes as long as it didn’t come out in the last ten years-- or maybe it's the fact that he seems to eat Cormac McCarthy books for breakfast. Either way, it is clear that Pierre is an old soul.”

Like others who are wise beyond their years, Pierre focuses less on the superficialities of the modern world. Instead, he likes to ask questions and genuinely enjoys the journey for answers, which he showcased while co-creating a podcast for Mrs. Mangicotti’s English class earlier this year. Pierre utilized his initiative and creative prowess to craft a 7- minute podcast that offered a deeper look into street skiing culture, all while managing a jam-packed academic and athletic schedule. 

“When we first met to discuss the podcast, it became evident that Pierre sees things from a different perspective than most,” said Communications Director Ashlee O’Hara, who assisted Mrs. Mangiacotti with the podcast project. “He is a big picture thinker. And while he may not always know the how, Pierre certainly knows the why of whatever it is he is doing- a skill that is synonymous with some of the best creators in history.” 

The podcast was not Pierre’s first creative project, either. His career as a filmer took off like a rocket last summer when Red Bull reposted his clips without permission. “Rather than taking offense, Pierre simply dropped an email to the sugar-water giant,” explained his coaches. “After a bit of noise, he had case upon case of that delicious, evil juice in his garage and a sizable check in his pocket.”  And, according to his coaches, Pierre negotiated the terms of the deal all on his own.

“The kid can strike up a convo with anyone,” added Coach Liam, who recently joined Pierre on a trip to Colorado for Level1 Productions’ SuperUnknown contest, allowing the two to rub elbows with some of the best cinematographers in the ski business. “Within 15 minutes, Pierre had them all eating out of the palm of his hand, and you’d have sworn that the kid  was running the whole show.”

Congratulations, Pierre! 
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