Student of the Week: February 10, 2021

Congratulations to SMS Alpine’s Jacqueline Culver ’21 on being recognized as our latest Student of the Week!
Jacqui Culver is an athlete with many SMS years under her belt. She approaches every day with a smile and quiet determination, consistently striving to push herself academically and athletically. 

“She is a leader on a team that is packed full of the highest quality humans,” said FIS Women’s Head Coach Topher Harlow during his Student of the Week Presentation. “She dedicated herself to building strength during the off-season and came in this fall ready to work.”

“If you ever saw the FIS Women’s team during their fall conditioning with Women’s FIS Coach Sandra Shoepke, you would have undoubtedly seen Jacqui working to exhaustion and still managing to cheer on her teammates despite the pain. What you wouldn’t see was any inkling of quitting because that is not part of who she is.”

Jacqui’s dedication to excellence does not stop at athletics. She has also proven herself to be an incredible student, thanks to her tireless work ethic. Teachers say she glides through her assignments with the same speed and precision as she does through gates on the mountain, all of it with a smile!

“Jacqui is an incredible English student with one of the best work ethics of any student I have ever taught,” stated English Teacher Mary Mangiacotti. “When writing an essay, she carefully considers her topic, does thorough research, writes, and rewrites.”

“Having taught Jacqui for three years, advised her for four, coached her in lacrosse for three, and worked with her in student leadership, I can't say enough good things about Jacqui,” added Director of Student Leadership and Spanish Teacher Emily Daly. “She is an engaged student and shows a genuine interest in learning.”

Jacqui shows outstanding commitment and dedication to her personal goals and those of the SMS community. She has been an active member in establishing the Social Justice Advocacy group at SMS and has become a positive role model for her peers by volunteering as a Middle School Night mentor. 

“The middle school students love to be in her group on Middle School Night because she makes them feel both seen and heard,” said Middle School Dean Chris Marks.  “She is such a great role model for these young girls who are navigating their first years at SMS - you can only use positive words to describe her! As a student, she is incredible as well, but it's the work she does for this community in other areas that make her stand out.”

Congratulations, Jacqui! 
Stratton Mountain School is an independent boarding and day school that focuses on college preparatory academics and competitive winter sports. Located at the base of Stratton Mountain, SMS is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools.