Student of the Week: January 20, 2021

Congratulations to SMS Nordic’s Liza Bell ’22 on being recognized as Stratton Mountain School’s Student of the Week!
Junior year at SMS is no easy feat, let alone for a newcomer like Liza Bell. But since joining our program last fall, Liza has quickly demonstrated her ability to take charge and make the most of her new surroundings. 
“Liza has done a great job transiting as a Junior,” said one of her teachers. “Many consider their Junior year to be the hardest one at SMS, yet Liza has jumped in and been proactive and attentive to detail.” 
Another teacher says she is “really positive and sets a great example for the younger group of kids in her Advisory.”

On the Nordic team, Liza has become universally liked and respected. She has an easy-going manner that allows her to roll with the punches and make the most of any situation. 
“This athlete is responsible, helpful, empathetic, uncomplaining, and goofy,” said Nordic Coach Alex Jospe during her Student of the Week presentation. “Like most Nordies, this athlete embraces the grind that is our daily work and has an uncompromising work ethic. This commitment to the process led to a personal best last weekend when as a first-year U18, she placed 5th in her class.”

“We shall dub her the mistress of mud and muck,” continued Jospe. “One of our best technical mountain bikers, she is never afraid to send, even though sometimes she ends up on her rear end in a mud puddle.”
As far as SMS faculty can tell, Liza is also impervious to cold water. Her coaches recounted when Liza fell into a freezing river and figured she should just keep running. Or when Liza was helping her coaches to take down their team tent, after spending all day racing in the rain and wet snow, and roughly three gallons of freezing water got dumped over her head. Liza just shook it off and kept helping. 

“We hope you continue to be oblivious to cold water, helpful to everyone around you, and all-in on race day,” concluded Jospe. “Because these characteristics will take you far.” 
Congratulations to our well-deserved student of this week, Miss Liza Bell! 
Stratton Mountain School is an independent boarding and day school that focuses on college preparatory academics and competitive winter sports. Located at the base of Stratton Mountain, SMS is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools.