Student of the Week: October 22, 2020

Congratulations to Chip Freeman (SMS Nordic `23) for being recognized as the SMS Student of the Week!
“One of the realizations I have come to in my 19 years of teaching is that all students have intelligent and interesting thoughts,” opened Chris Marks during his Student of the Week presentation.

“There is one student whom I work with this year that is unusually advanced at taking what is inside of their mind and conveying it convincingly, and even elegantly, not only in conversation but in writing as well.”   

According to Marks, Freeman’s skill in English goes well beyond articulate. His writing consistently demonstrates honesty, effort, understanding, growing, accountability, and a pursuit of excellence.

“There are many students here doing excellent work, but what has distinguished this week’s student of the week, for me, is the comfort and complete lack of fatigue or stress that this student seems to experience in their work.  It speaks to a way of life for this young man.” 

Numerous teachers and coaches reiterated Marks’ sentiment, especially regarding Freeman’s positive interactions and consistent high performance. 

One teacher added, “Chip carries himself with quiet confidence and, as such, is a leader by example. His peers respect him for who he is, and Chip is not afraid to stand up for and to things. He is thoughtful, creative, curious, innovative, and hard-working.”

His French teacher observed that, “Chip actively participates and is not shy about making a mistake. He learns quickly, demonstrates excellent attention to detail, and gets along well with everyone in the class.”

Freeman has also been showing consistent training progress, recently setting a new personal record in his uphill double pole test.

One coach shared that, “ he is always coming to practice ready and raring to go! Chip is always ready to give 110 percent but is smart about pulling back to avoid overexerting himself and overtraining. He is an extremely positive member of the team and community.”
Other coaches add that Freeman, “is a hard-working student and athlete who is conscientious and considerate of his teammates and peers. He is a real pleasure to coach and an interesting guy to have discussions with.” 

Congratulations, Chip!
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