Built on a Tradition of Excellence

Why SMS?

Independence and self-motivation are cultivated daily.
SMS alumni enter college with a strong ability to focus and work hard. In a survey of recent graduates, one alumnus said, “I can survive such busy school days and college-level work, because I graduated from SMS.”

Academic delivery on the road is no problem.
Students and teachers stay connected on class web pages, through message boards, email, text and phone.

You’ll have access to cutting-edge academic technology.
Teachers and students collaborate on papers online in real time, using the latest technology to attend class from afar.

Teachers are ready and willing to help you outside of class.
Students visit faculty in the dorms and call faculty at home for help.

You’ll be prepared for AP tests, even if the course isn’t labeled AP.
Advanced and honors courses at SMS are updated constantly to reflect college-level expectations, and many are more challenging than AP-level courses.

Teachers teach.
At SMS, we believe that teachers should teach, and coaches should coach. Our teaching faculty’s qualifications are unparalleled. 70% of our teachers hold advanced degrees, and SMS teachers are also writers, historians, scientists, artists and farmers.

You have choices.
With 62 different courses and counting, you will be able to choose from many areas of interest. We may be small, but we offer lots of variety!

Your college preference is within reach.
Each year, more than half of our graduates are accepted at top-tier colleges and universities. The SMS Class of 2016 graduated 30 students who were accepted to many other prestigious schools, including three to Dartmouth and two to Harvard!

Being smart and motivated is the norm, and celebrated.
With a school full of future Olympians, All-Americans, Ivy Leaguers and Honors College graduates, everyone around you is motivated, too.

You have a support system.
Each student has an advisor who guides them through their SMS experience. They will help you decide on courses, keep in touch with your family on your academic, athletic and social progress, and host you for fun get-togethers in small groups.

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