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Winter Term Academic Program Information

Winter Term Integrated Program
Students enrolled in our Winter Term Integrated Program will integrate into existing, full-year SMS courses. These courses are designed to begin with new material at the time of the Winter Term student’s arrival. Please note that the student athlete’s home school curriculum will not be followed if you choose this option.

Some of the advantages of integrating into our program include a more traditional immersive classroom experience, one that involves a group dynamic that nurtures the exchange of ideas, peer support, and group learning. Our teachers are also very aware of the unique demands on student-athletes during the winter months, and our courses are designed to support the ebbs and flows of the busy winter athletic season in a number of ways. SMS recommends integration as much as possible, especially if a student-athlete is required to withdraw from his or her home school while attending SMS for the Winter Term.

Winter Term Tutorial Program
Students enrolled in our Winter Term Tutorial Program will receive tutorial support in their home school curriculum. In order for this approach to be effective, we rely on close and frequent communication with home school teachers and expect willingness on the home school teacher’s part to share all material, assessments, answer keys, and other support material such as textbooks and handouts. In short, the home school MUST provide SMS with all of the coursework that the student-athlete is expected to complete while attending SMS. Students, parents, and home school teachers should also recognize that, based on our unique approach to winter athletics and academics, our coverage of material, administration of tests and quizzes, and completion of essays and projects will sometimes come at a later date than the same material is completed at the home school.

In order for us to most effectively plan for students entering into a tutorial arrangement, we request the following information as soon as possible:

  • Contact information for the student athlete’s guidance counselor and each of the student athlete’s teachers.
  • Course syllabi and a list of all texts (and corresponding ISBN numbers) as well as supplemental materials used in the course.
  • Daily Assignments and hand-outs.
  • Projects
  • Quizzes and tests.
  • Answer keys to all quizzes and tests.

If the home school utilizes blackboard, edline or similar web-based programs to post this information, please arrange for SMS to be provided with access/passwords to each course’s page.

Please note: The SMS tutors of students following their home school curriculum are not expected to create new curriculum, coursework, quizzes or tests; therefore, full cooperation and support from the home school is essential for a successful tutorial arrangement.

Mixed Approach
Some Winter Term students will be tutored in some of their home school courses while also integrating into some SMS courses. This occurs when a home school determines that the SMS curriculum is similar to their curriculum or otherwise acceptable in one or more of the student athlete’s courses, while still requesting that the student follow the home school curriculum in other subject areas.

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