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Tuition & Financial Aid

2018-2019 Tuition

Full Term Boarding $55,105
Full Term Day $40,685
Winter Term Boarding $39,140
Winter Term Day $28,840

Tuition does not cover all costs. Additional expenses are outlined in the Summary of Student Expenses document mailed with enrollment contracts.

The Full Term Program is available to students in grade 8-12 and Postgraduates. The Winter Term Program is available to students in grades 7 and 8.

Financial Aid
Financial Aid is need-based and is determined separately from admission. If you are applying for Financial Aid, please visit The School and Student Services by NAIS (SSS) to fill out an online Parents Financial Statement (PFS). Financial aid cannot be awarded until the school has received and reviewed the report from the SSS. It is possible that SMS will ask families to supply current-year tax returns. Families should identify all possible resources for funding an SMS education before applying for financial assistance from the school.

Click here to apply for Financial Aid.

  • Phone number for SSS Customer Service: (800) 344–8328
  • Stratton Mountain School’s SSS Code is 7528
  • E-mail address for SSS Customer Service: sss@solutionsbysss.com

New families requesting financial assistance should complete their PFS as soon as they submit their application for admission.  The priority deadline is March 15.

Returning families requesting financial assistance should complete their PFS by January 15. Enrollment contracts and grants for returning students will be sent by early February.

Additional Scholarships

Independent Secondary School Loans
Click here for information on K–12 student loans.


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