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Athletic Facilities Overview
Stratton Mountain School focuses on five winter sports: Alpine Skiing, Freeskiing, Freestyle Skiing, Nordic Skiing and Snowboarding. Through these five disciplines, athletes are able to compete at the highest levels and maximize their own athletic potential. On-snow training takes place at Stratton Mountain Resort as well as other local mountains.

In 1999, the new Stratton Mountain School campus was built to provide the highest quality athletic and academic support. The campus was built to suit the demands of top-level athletic competition, and our facilities and programs are unmatched.

SMS provides a successful strength and conditioning program that is based on physical testing performed in the state-of-the-art training facilities. This program develops the complete athlete by combining the most important fitness components: aerobic, anaerobic, agility, coordination, strength and power. SMS's goal is to understand and maximize each athlete's potential.

As an athlete at SMS, you will have access to SMS's premier training facilities, including the SMS gymnasium, weight room, Sports Science Lab, sports medicine facility, skate park and trampoline gym.
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Athletic Facilities
Weight Room
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The SMS weight room houses more than 1,000 square feet of lifting space complete with free weights, guided weight machines and cardio equipment. In 2008, it underwent more than $40,000 in additions. The Peak Performance Facility now houses 26 spin bikes, which allows entire teams to complete focused spin and recovery workouts. Additionally, four Olympic lifting platforms, four Glute-Ham machines, four sets of rings, bumper plates, medicine balls and a new set of dumbbells and kettlebells were added to the facility. With these additions, the SMS weight room is one of the premier winter sports facilities in the country. Click here to read how the facilities are utilized.
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Sports Science Lab
Our on-site exercise physiology lab houses state-of-the-art research equipment, which is used to test peak power and aerobic threshold through the Wingate and blood lactate tests. The SMS Sports Science lab was completed in Fall 2007. The lab provides a testing center to measure peak power and aerobic threshold Levels. The lab tests provide immediate data, which is essential for our athletes success. Coaches are able to customize workouts for athletes based off these results.
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Sports Medicine
SMS has state of the art facilities throughout its campus, and the athletic training room is no exception. From rehabilitation equipment and injury prevention exercises, to hot and cold whirlpool tubs for treatment, the athletic training room is well-prepared for outstanding treatment and performance improvement.

Staffed by a certified athletic trainer, sports medicine treatment at SMS is easily linked to various other sports medicine facilities in Vermont and New England. SMS has an excellent working relationship with the facilities at Stratton Mountain Resort, including ski patrol and the Otis Clinic, a branch of Grace Cottage Hospital. Vermont Orthopedic Clinic in Rutland and iSport are excellent additional resources, as the professionals at these clinics continue to ensure the best and most effective injury treatment for each athlete referred.
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Skate Park
In 2006, SMS and Stratton Resort built a 3,000-square foot indoor skatepark near the base area of Stratton Mountain. David Woods, a skatepark builder from Burlington, built the facility on top of the old indoor tennis courts at the Stratton Sports Center. Woods, who has built parks and ramps throughout Vermont, created the skateboarding wonderland complete with mini-ramps, ledges, pyramids, banks, flat bars, pads and grind boxes. Transitions at the park are mellow, making for a user-friendly park, perfect for beginners and mellow for rippers.
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