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Students of the Week, May 7

May 07, 2020

This week, two students stood out to our staff for this recognition! Congratulations to Carlo Muscarella`20 and Grey Katko `20 for being recognized as the SMS Students of the Week. 

Alpine Coach Matt Prendergast nominated Carlo for Student of the Week and said: “This week we’re highlighting someone who has worked hard both on and off snow and has always been looking for ways to improve. He had a solid season, dropping his FIS point total quite a bit, and by the end of the season, he had started to figure things out quite a bit more. I believe that, if our season had been able to continue, he would have knocked down some really good results. 

His teachers’ comment that he has overcome many challenges when it comes to his academics. ‘Having worked with him for the past three years, it is great to see him become more confident in his abilities,’ said one. ‘He is quite intelligent, but he doesn’t always recognize it. I’m looking forward to seeing him do great things in the future.’

His progress has been obvious in my subject. He has been able to attend all of the virtual classes, nearly all on time, keeps up with his homework, and always keeps a calm demeanor under pressure,’ added another. 

Most impressively, he recently crushed a college interview and, as a result, was admitted to Colby College which is just awesome. Congratulations to Carlo Muscarella!”

SMS Fashion and Art History Teacher Lyman Richardson nominated Grey for Student of the Week, saying: “This student has been a really hard worker in my fashion class for the last two years but, in particular, moving into this new online format he has just come to class every single day prepared to do whatever we’re working on. He’s absolutely crushed it every single day and has really, as a senior, fully seen through the opportunities at SMS to learn and grow academically. He has a great, holistic mindset and doesn’t just work for the grade but to learn. 

Their head coach says that they have been a big part of team meetings lately, and have been staying productive and busy. He had two top-ten NorAm Slopestyle finishes this season and two Futures Tour podiums. Another coach says that they have been great with the new format by speaking up during team meetings and coming with things to contribute. 

His english teacher says that he has been engaged and on top of his work, finishing up the year by learning as much as he can. ‘He’s clearly committed to making this whole distance learning thing work and it shows big time,’ they said. 

His business math teacher points out how impressed they are by this student, as well as how other staff and fellow students alike have been commenting on their amazing work ethic. 

His advisor even says that he shows up to advisory meetings and is engaged every time. I’m happy to recognize Grey Katko, very deserving of this award this week!”

Congratulations, Grey and Carlo!

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