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Student of the Week, May 21

May 21, 2020

Congratulations to Eva Morin`22 for being recognized as the SMS Students of the Week!

As said by Eva’s advisor, Jenna Daly:

I am honored and very proud to present this student of the week, as the advisor of this week’s honoree.

This student is the kind of student that is consistently SOTW material. They are someone you can always count on—whether it’s being a good friend, a good student or a good teammate—they are there if you need them to support you or help you in any way. They are also someone that will tell it to you straight.

This student is also not afraid of a challenge, whether it’s pushing through rehab or choosing to write a 10,000-word novel in one month for Mr. Mark’s class.

The list of wonderful things said about this student is never-ending, so I’ll share just some highlights with you:

Mrs. Lehmann said that ‘this student is one of the kindest human beings I have ever met. She works hard, never gives up and continues to improve in academics, skiing and whatever else she puts her mind to.’

Coach Newson said ‘She is an active member of the community and appreciative of all the opportunities and all-school activities. She is also supportive of all disciplines, attending the action sport events and cheering on classmates at Stratton.’

Lyman was impressed with her hard work, generosity, and willingness to help with the fashion shows, despite having never even taken the class.

Ms. Oliva says, ‘she’s the only girl in my history class and she holds her own, and more. She’s the leader of the class and has been doing amazing work during distance learning. She’s made such great improvements all year-it’s been amazing to see!’

I think we all agree with Melissa when she says, ‘Eva you are a rockstar!’”

Congratulations, Eva!

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