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Student of the Week, May 14

May 14, 2020

Congratulations to Henness Hoffmann`20 for being recognized as the SMS Students of the Week!

Alpine Coach Matt Prendergast nominated Henness for Student of the Week and said: “This guy is somebody who has been in the school for a long time and has always put forth a great effort and I’m really excited to recognize him this week for everything he’s done. This season he started off with a bit of a stall out but recentered himself and ended really strong.

His hard work doesn’t go unnoticed by his coaches and teammates and, while he’s not always a quiet guy, he does quietly go about his business to get everything done.

His teachers have been pleased with how engaged he has been during this time of distance learning and, in our Alpine group, he has been very involved. He leads from the front, contributes to team meetings, works to keep up morale, and helps keep everyone moving forward in a good direction.

He’s going to Babson next year, congratulations to Henness Hoffmann!”

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