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Student of the Week, April 30

April 30, 2020

Congratulations to Diego Holscher `20 for being recognized as the SMS Student of the Week!

This Student of the Week is consistently on top of his work, and some teachers say that he has been one of the best students in class this year. “He takes the lead during discussions and has a generally positive attitude in class,” said one SMS teacher. 

He really steps up to do good work even though he travels a lot and has a very competitive race schedule,” added another.  

He consistently completes quality work,” said a third. “He wants to grow as a writer, and when he needs extra help he advocates for himself by asking for clarification. Not only that, but he takes this information and then uses it to give his best effort. I have been very impressed with his maturity, work ethic, and responsibility.”

Some could say that Diego had a tough season compared to previous years,” said one of his coaches. “The higher you climb the harder the effort gets, and progress might have been slow this season but Diego made the best out of what could have been seen as a tough season. Not only did he make the best of it, but he has emerged as a true leader and role model for his team this season.”

I will personally say that Diego has reached out to me recently, and even when the teambuilder app did not work for him, he emailed me all of his testing and monitoring data that he recorded himself and I was very impressed by that,” said SMS Alpine Coach Will Horstmann, who nominated Diego for Student of the Week. “Congratulations, Diego, for being someone that everyone enjoys having around and that a lot of people look up to.”

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