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Student of the Week, February 5

February 05, 2020

Congratulations to Kaylen Reiley `22 for being recognized as the SMS Student of the Week!

As presented by SMS Teacher Melissa Oliva:

This student of the week does everything a Stratton Mountain School student should do. He looks at each challenge as an opportunity to improve. He works hard in the classroom, always thinking about the bigger picture. He is a total individual in the classroom and he is there to learn first and foremost. He does not let others influence his thoughts, ideas, or answers. He is conscientious, considerate, a hard worker, and incredibly independent. His upbeat attitude and readiness to ask and answer questions shows that he cares a lot about his work.

His hard work, courage, artistic sensibility, and great energy is admired both in the classroom and on the hill. He is a great kid with a lot of talent. He always works super hard and is very self-driven. He always puts in the effort. When others aren’t motivated, he is always found taking more laps on the chairlift and working with his coaches trying to become the best skier he can be.

He takes advantage of all the opportunities SMS has to offer. Whether it be staying on top of his work, getting in the Air Awareness Center each weekend, or filling his weekends on the mountain and watching his classmates compete in competitions, he always finds something to do to fill his time: and it usually isn’t laying in his bed playing video games and watching YouTube for 12 hours.

He understands others points of view and stands true to his own. He is respectful of his teammates, dormmates, teachers, and coaches. One teacher notes that ‘he is always respectful and is a great role model. While he might prefer to fly under the radar, he deserves the praise and to win this week’s Student of the Week.’

The kid believes in himself and he’s got heart. Beyond acrobatic and athletic ability (which he has in spades) that’s about all you need to be a successful freeskier. On top of that, he is willing to work on whatever part of his skiing needs the most improvement… and he does so with a smile!

As everyone in the community saw, his competitive poetry performance showed hard work, courage, artistic sensibility, and great energy! It was so great to see him on stage embracing the challenge and delivering an expressive and impactful performance.”

Congratulations, Kaylen!

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