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Student of the Week, January 29

January 29, 2020

Congratulations to Jacqueline Culver `21 for being recognized as the SMS Student of the Week!

As presented by Academic Dean Alex Lehmann:

Each week there are a variety of reasons we as a faculty choose to recognize students, from unique achievements in the classroom to excellence on the snow, to acts of kindness in our community. This week’s Student of the Week has consistently excelled in all of these areas. She is an incredibly dedicated student-athlete with grades, comments, and results that reflect her impressive, consistent commitment to excellence. 

During the busy winter months, she is the rare student who works ahead and the quality of her work remains excellent. Her classroom contributions are infused with the kindness and consideration for others which so many remark upon in their observations of this young woman. 

One teacher writes that this student ‘is kind, considerate, and one of the hardest working students I have ever encountered. She always stops in and says hi, and you can often hear her as she is walking down the hall, singing the words to any and every song. Always smiling, she is truly an amazing person!’

Her art teacher writes that she is ‘an outstanding artist. She cared a great deal about the quality of her work. She always finds her way to the art room and finds ways to incorporate art into her other classwork. She is one of the kindest students I have met so far in my six years at SMS.’

Her coaches reflect on her hard work as well. She recently returned from injury, and her grit and focus are paying off with increasingly strong skiing and results. 

A member of the athletic staff summarizes that this week’s Student of the Week is ‘an overall lovely young woman who is warm and compassionate to everyone. All of these traits supplement her outstanding effort and commitment both athletically and academically.’

I have appreciated her ability to make connections between the works we read and her own observations of the world around her. The best students take the knowledge they receive in the classroom and in their various experiences, and they apply it to growth and understanding in all areas of their lives and personal development. 

Jacqui Culver embodies these traits, and I am pleased to celebrate her as this week’s Student of the Week.”

Congratulations, Jacqui!

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