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Student of the Week, January 22

January 22, 2020

Congratulations to Niko Huber (SMS Alpine `22) for being recognized as the SMS Student of the Week!

Niko has worked hard in the classroom and on the mountain but, lately, his tenacity in the face of adversity and overall thoughtfulness have impressed his coaches most. 

Though this athlete did not receive an invitation to the first Regional Performance Series training camp of the season, he competed in the GS race that followed the training camp and beat most of the athletes who were invited with a top-ten finish. Now on everyone’s radar, he has easily qualified for the second RPS project next month. 

A few weeks later, during a team trip to Sugarloaf, Niko offered to cook breakfast for his coaches and teammates two mornings in a row. Later that afternoon, after winning the GS race of the day and having his name engraved on a large trophy, he hung back from a donut excursion to help his coach load up the van for the long drive home. 

Niko’s teachers note that, academically, he is more patient and the quality of his work reflects his determination, effort, and understanding. He is a curious student who works toward not just completing the work, but also understanding the material. He has also been known to pursue topics outside of his assignments, working to learn computer programming in his own time. 

What has impressed me recently is his interest in challenging himself,” said one teacher. “He chose a long, complex poem for the first round of Poetry Out Loud and succeeded in reciting it with 100% accuracy.”

He is competitive, conscientious, polite, athletic, and a good teammate with both a dedicated work ethic and good sportsmanship,” said Head U16 Alpine Coach David Kent. “Congratulations, Niko!”

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