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Student of the Week, January 15

January 15, 2020

Congratulations to Skylar Slettene (SMS Freestyle `22) for being recognized as the SMS Student of the Week!

As said by SMS Teacher Melissa Oliva, who nominated Skylar for Student of the Week alongside Freestyle Director Deb Newson…

This student of the week has grit, determination, and a passion for success - both in academics and on the hill.

I have never seen this student of the week more upset than I did on August 6th. Her hands were covered in dirt as she hobbled to the van and said: ‘I’m fine-I’m not hurt.’ She wasn’t upset because she was hurt, she was upset because she couldn’t train. She shoved her foot in her ski boot and got right back on the hill after one day off. Her desire to keep learning, keep getting better, to be the best is what I most admired.

I have since noticed this same quality of dedication in the classroom. Quietly focused, she gets each and every assignment in on time and it is done to the highest quality.

While most students come back from being away for extended periods of time incomplete, even if it is ‘just a quiz,’ she got right to work and completely cleared her incomplete sheet within 15 hours of returning to campus.

Mr. Thorley notes that ‘she has been one of the most conscientious and engaged students, in class and out, in the year and a half that I have taught her.’

Mr. Marks noted, that ‘while she was away, she did an exceptional job of keeping up with work. This is no surprise, as she has been diligent, curious, and thorough with her work all year.’

Doc says ‘She sets an example for other students in all areas that a student-athlete should… she is an attentive hard-working student, takes responsibility for her actions, and she is mature.’

Setting goals and having a plan of attack to achieve them sets apart the best from the rest when it comes to success. This SMS athlete thrives on having goals and a plan. She trusts the process set forth by her coaches and teachers for her to achieve her goals. She works hard to check off the boxes, stick to the plan and is self-driven to follow through to ensure she has done everything possible to have success.

Just last week, this athlete competed against the best in the US at the US Freestyle Team Selections Event in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. This event includes the full US Freestyle World Cup team and the top FIS and regional athletes. This was her first time at this event, and she had solid runs all week, and as a result, qualified her for the full FIS Freestyle NorAm Tour this winter.

Congratulations to this weeks student of the week, Skylar Slettene.”

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