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Student of the Week, November 6

November 06, 2019

Congratulations to Charlie Bergantino (SMS Snowboarding `23) for being recognized as the SMS Student of the Week!

This SMS Student of the Week has an immense drive to improve, and always pushes himself with patience and tenacity to achieve his best results both in the classroom and on the mountain. 

Charlie has improved in nearly everything between last Fall Camp and now,” his coaches said. “From on snow, where he continued to go bigger and spin with more style and attacking the biggest rails he could find, to skate where he learned an entire new bag of tricks this fall, we have really noticed Charlie’s desire to get better at everything he does.”

Improvement doesn’t happen overnight and sometimes requires you to push through a task that you’ve struggled with 100 times before, explained SMS Snowboarding Coach Tommy Gambino, who nominated Charlie for Student of the Week. 

The hope is always that we have kids who want to push themselves to their fullest ability and, although we do have many of those, today we are honoring this young lad for how much time and effort he has put into his craft as well as the patience needed to progress through each road bump,” Gambino continued. “I get pretty excited when we are at Carinthia or in the AAC and I hear, ‘Yo Tommy! Peep the trick!’ There’s always something new from him—new tricks, new ideas, a new shoe color.”

According to his teachers, Charlie still strives to learn even when no one is watching. He excels in his foreign language classes and his positive energy and influence stand out in history class. In the dorms, Charlie even won the Cleanest Dorm Room Award on his floor for Quarter I!

You train hard, you ride hard, and you’re a joy to coach,” Gambino concluded. “Congrats Chuckie B!”

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