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Student of the Week, November 13

November 13, 2019

Congratulations to Skylar Koeppe (SMS Snowboarding `24) for being recognized as the SMS Student of the Week!

This weeks student of the week is brave, puts in the effort every day, holds themselves accountable, is respectful, and strong. Skylar truly embodies the SMSBEARS’ principles. 

Last year, this student arrived at Stratton Mountain School one of the youngest students. However, this student of the week took on this challenge with grace. They bravely take out their Doritos or personal baked goods each class and share with their peers. 

This student of the week goes above and beyond in their art class, always wanting to create more. This effort can similarly be seen on the hill, in the air awareness center, on the soccer field, in the yoga room, or in the classroom. Engaged, attentive, and enthusiastic, they are never afraid to be in the front row. In addition, they bring a lot of energy and generosity to the table without looking for anything in return.  

Becoming a better athlete takes a lot of hard work. This student of the week cares about progressing, working each day to get better. It is not about posting the best trick to social media, but rather being the best athlete that they can be. 

They are also a very giving and cooperative person. In a group setting, this student really makes an effort to be a part of the group and be present with their peers. On Monday they took the time to back banana bread for their advisory group, which shows how much this student values their friendships.

This student of the week is small but mighty. It’s hard to tell that they are just a middle schooler. On the soccer team, she scored the winning goal in the away game against GMVS this fall. 

Skylar brings so much heart to everything she does whether it be on the hill, in the classroom, or chasing after soccer balls for community service. She is creative, funny, and really, a very serious student with a lot of talent. For all the soccer balls you ran after this fall and for all the amazing projects you create, SMS Teachers Melissa Oliva and Jenna Daly awarded Skylar with a golden soccer ball and paintbrush at All School Meeting. 

Congratulations, Skylar! 


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