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Student of the Week, October 31

October 31, 2019

Congratulations to Lauren Thomas (SMS Alpine `21) for being recognized as the SMS Student of the Week!

Lauren is a hard worker whose drive and dedication—both in the classroom and on the hill—truly shines. According to SMS Math Teacher Richard Thorley, who nominated Lauren, she is truly a “no-nonsense” Student of the Week. 

She has been doing a great job in training all fall,” her coaches said. “Although she is managing an injury, Lauren still works hard and pushes herself each day. Most importantly, she is a great teammate and looks after those around her.”

She even brings her outstanding work ethic and positive attitude to community responsibilities like All School Clean Up. 

I have her for All School Clean and it’s a big task to help pick up after my class,” said one teacher. “She’s very great about it—Lauren always shows up and puts in a good effort.”

She is exceptionally hard-working and professional,” said another. “Her focus and effort during class reflect someone who absolutely appreciates that learning is an opportunity. She is also a wonderful lab partner: she listens, she comes prepared, and she gets involved. She realizes that learning takes a lot of effort, every day.”

Even for those who have not taught or coached Lauren, her great qualities shine through nonetheless.

I can tell that she is dedicated to her academics and athletics,” said one such teacher. “Though she is not sure what college her future will bring, I am confident that she will be successful because of her drive and dedication.”

Lauren is one of the most high-achieving and motivated students in a challenging course,” Thorley concluded. “More importantly, she is usually an island of calm reason in an ocean of cacophony. When all around there is gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair, complaints about the difficulty or volume of the work, or begging “just give us all 100’s”, hers is the calm voice suggesting “Can we look at it this way…?”

Congratulations, Lauren!

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