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New AAC Ramp One Step Closer to Reality

December 06, 2018

Stratton Mountain School’s Air Awareness Center is getting an upgrade thanks to a collaboration with the University of Vermont (UVM) SEED Project, which will provide the school with the three-dimensional designs for a brand new indoor roller board/rollerski ramp, to be installed in the AAC once the necessary funds have been raised. Recently released details on the project and its timeline brings this new addition one step closer to reality, and brings SMS action-sport athletes closer to practicing their slopestyle and mogul runs year round.

Stratton Mountain School’s Air Awareness Center. The open space between the garage door and foam-pit will soon include the new ramp designed by students in UVM’s Mechanical, Electrical and Biomedical Engineering Programs.

The SMS Air Awareness Center is a 10,000 square foot building optimized to allow the snowboard, freestyle, and freeski programs to train in a safe and effective learning environment. Currently, the building features trampolines, a foam pit, a skateboard park, and a weight room area. The ramp project will enhance the already impressive, one-of-a-kind training space while furthering opportunities for SMS athletes to achieve their goals with both safety and speed.

The designs for the indoor training ramp have been integrated into the existing features of SMS’s Air Awareness Center and will allow students to safely practice aerial maneuvers into the AAC’s foam pit. Formulated with safety in mind, the ramp’s design ensures a strong construction, predictable trajectory, and preventative safety features like railings to avert early exits from the ramp. With a smooth, continuous surface made from skatelite, the ramp will allow for both adjustable take-offs and easy drop-in access.

The adjustable take-off accommodates two different trajectories specific to each ski jump simulation and can be raised or lowered with the push of a button. Hydraulic pistons will compress the take-off to 33 degrees to fit the profile of a mogul ski jump, and extend to 45 degrees to allow a higher trajectory for slopestyle. The scaled ramp model that will be provided to SMS for fundraising purposes, and eventually the ramp itself, have been designed with environmental considerations at the forefront, utilizing both scrap and recyclable materials for the model and swapping treated wood for metal pipes in the ramp’s scaffolding.

The finished design will be delivered to SMS by the UVM SEED team prior to the end of April 2019, capping an almost yearlong collaboration between the school and seniors in UVM’s Mechanical, Electrical and Biomedical Engineering Programs. Once complete, fundraising for the project will begin in earnest prior to construction.

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