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Student of the Week

November 07, 2018

Congratulations to Charlotte Ogden, Nordic ‘19, for being recognized as the SMS student of the week!

Charlotte has dominated the trails this Mountain Biking season, winning first place at the team’s penultimate competition last Wednesday to help SMS Mountain Biking achieve their second Northern New England Title in as many years. Throughout her races this fall she was the only female rider who dared to do the A line jump, and her victory in the A race at the Northern New England Mountain Bike Championships—just one of Charlotte’s first-place mountain biking finishes this year—was a fitting end to her season.

According to Charlotte’s Nordic Skiing coaches she has been equally tenacious in their recent time trials, and has continued to train with impressive effort. They are excited to see how that hard work will translate once the snow falls!

“The panther is a genus that contains tigers, lions, jaguars, leopards and snow leopards,” began SMS Athletic Trainer Kate Boobar, who nominated Charlotte as Student of the Week. “These big cats are powerful creatures. They are quiet as they watch and stalk their prey. Their attack is from cover, seemingly out of nowhere.”

“As I think of this week’s student of the week, I see the elusive big cat in her,” she continued. “Her teachers agree that she may be quiet and ‘hide in the bushes’ so to speak, but her work is spot on and she has a strong academic work ethic.”

Fittingly, Charlotte hopes to attend Middlebury College next Fall to become a Panther in 2019. Congratulations, Charlotte!

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