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Student of the Week

November 01, 2018

Congratulations to Daniel Leikin, Alpine ‘20 for being recognized as the SMS student of the week!

Daniel gave his all at the All School Mountain Run this Tuesday even though he’s recovering from an injury, and multiple members of the SMS Staff couldn’t help but marvel at his dedication and effort. It’s no surprise, then, that Daniel’s teachers and coaches clamored to nominate him as this week’s student of the week!

“Every year my freshmen students make a Coat of Arms to represent who they are, and at SMS, I get a lot of shields with snakes—the symbol of ambition,” said one teacher. “[Daniel], however, had a reflective and appropriate emblem for his shield: the camel, the picture of determination. We saw this focus and dedication when, instead of skipping the Mountain Run due to his injuries, he went back to his U14 years with Naga and used his power-walking skills to beat half the runners!”

Seeing this student in the gym every morning at 6:15 a.m. further illustrates that they are clear on what they hope to accomplish this year,” added another.

Academically, Daniel stands out for his maturity and seriousness while at work, as well as his commitment to progression. In STEM he has been “working hard to learn Arduino programming, and has been really excited about a project to build a self-driving robotic tank.”

Daniel’s math teacher lauded his “consistently demonstrated curiosity,” and “willingness to work hard both during and outside of class.” He never argues a grade, they added, but rather strives to learn from any mistakes or misunderstandings. His “stunningly neat notes” stand out in history class, and Daniel always digs deep to make connections with current events. In all of his classes, his insight and contributions to class discussions are valued.

“We all know his focus and determination will serve Daniel Leikin well as he heads off to camp and gets his ski legs back under him,” said History Teacher Kate Koch. “Good job, Daniel!”


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