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Student of the Week

October 05, 2017

This week’s Student of the Week is diligent, focused, reliable, caring, respectful and always has a positive attitude. This student has been doing a great job during training and works hard every day to improve. He is dedicated and focused in class. He takes great care in his work and always gives excellent effort.

This student knows that all school clean up is every Tuesday at 2:30. He shows up and is always the most reliable helper. He is there every week, always with a smile on his face.

On the soccer field and in workouts, this student brings his positive attitude with him every day.  He encourages his teammates and genuinely enjoys seeing the success of his peers.

This student is one of the most respectful students in the dorm. He consistently helps the younger students and looks out for the hall, volunteering to clean and help those who are in need. He can often be seen helping the new international students with their English and is always kind to those around him.

Staff members noted that he is a great addition to campus this year and that his smile is infectious! In the words of Jenna Daly, “You rock, Alec Nolan!”

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