Student of the Week: October 8, 2020

Congratulations to SMS newcomer and snowboarding student-athlete Charlotte Flowers ‘24 for being recognized as our fourth Student of the Week! 
Charlotte Flowers ‘24 is someone who, according to Snowboard Coach Tommy Gambino, pushes herself every day. She brings a can-do attitude to training and is not intimidated by a challenge.

“It took me an hour, maybe two, to realize that her idea of fun is a challenge,” said Gambino. “There is never any push back from Charlotte during work-outs and she takes her time to get each exercise right.”

Her coaches are continually inspired by Flowers’ positivity, even on the hard days. 

“After only two weeks of being cleared to bounce, Charlotte started landing corked 720s on the super tramp,” continued Gambino, “which is a difficult task, even without having surgery on your feet.”

Teachers and faculty describe Flowers as polite and excited about her future at SMS. One teacher said, “Charlotte is fantastic! She exemplifies everything that an SMS student should be from the dorm to the classroom to the gym. I am excited to see her progression during her time here because I know she will engage in all the opportunities SMS has to offer.” 

Many members of the SMS staff also commend Flowers’ dedication in the classroom.

“Charlotte’s work is consistently outstanding, demonstrating care, pride, and determination. She is curious and focused throughout class. She clearly appreciates the opportunity to excel and push herself as a student and as an athlete.”

“I could keep talking because there is more to say but I have to end it somewhere,” concluded Gambino in Thursday’s presentation of Student of the Week. “Adding to our already fantastic crew of female riders, I’m happy to present and congratulate Charlotte Flowers as our Student of the Week!”

Congratulations, Charlotte! 
Stratton Mountain School is an independent boarding and day school that focuses on college preparatory academics and competitive winter sports. Located at the base of Stratton Mountain, SMS is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools.