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This page provides important information for newly enrolled families. Below is a timeline to help you and your child prepare for the upcoming school year. Please note that required forms and documents are listed under the month in which they are made available on the SMS website and should be submitted by their respective due dates.

The 2018-2019 Calendar is posted below the 2017-2018 on the School Calendar Overview page.

Timeline for New Families


Academic Information

Official Transcript
Please request that an official final transcript or final report card be sent to SMS at the conclusion of your child’s school year. If the school requires SMS to send a formal transcript request, please contact Melissa Oliva.

Academic Assessments for Full Term Students
All new full term students are required to take a math assessment to ensure proper course placement. Some new full term students will also be asked to complete an assessment for foreign language (SMS offers French & Spanish). These assessments must be administered in a proctored setting, ideally at your child’s current school. The assessment can also be taken at SMS.

Parents of full term student athletes will be asked complete an Academic Information Form by May 15th.

Completed assessments must be sent to SMS no later than June 15th. Please contact Alex Lehmann with any questions about assessment.

Athletic Information

Summer Training & Conditioning
For all disciplines, you will be given summer training instruction by your child’s primary coach.

Training Camps & Other Important Information
Many of you have already signed up for summer camps with SMS. If you have not done so already, please visit the camp pages for your child’s discipline.

Alpine: Mike Morin, Program Director

Alpine Contact Information:

Snowboarding: Ross Powers, Program Director

Nordic: Sverre Caldwell, Program Director

Freeskiing: Jesse Mallis, Program Director

Freestyle: Deb Newson, Program Director

  • Summer Strength and Conditioning (Information will be emailed in June. Please email Sam Tarrant with questions.)
  • Equipment Information (Please email Sam Tarrant with all equipment questions.)
  • Uniform Information (Information will be sent when it becomes available. Please email Deb Newson with questions.)



Summer Reading
All full term students are required to read and complete book reports over the summer. Detailed information, book lists, and book report forms will be posted on the Summer Reading page in June.

Medical Forms
Required medical forms will be posted on our website in June. All medical forms must be completed by August 1st. Instructions on how to complete forms will be posted as well. Please read the instructions carefully prior to completing medical forms. For questions about medical forms, please contact Kate Boobar.

International families: Please note that your child must have US-based health insurance. Information and forms are available here.

Media Form
SMS makes an effort to provide press releases, photos, and other media services to relevant hometown media outlets. The Media Form will be posted on our website in June. Please complete the Media Form by August 1st.

Residential Life Form
The Residential Life Form (for boarding students only) assists the Director of Residential Life with dorm room and roommate decisions. These forms will be posted on our website in June and are due by August 1st.

Advisor Request Form
Advisors provide each student with individualized support and direction. The advisor is also viewed as a connection between the student’s family and the school. Communication about academic and social performance will be conducted by the advisor. Students and parents are encouraged to contact advisors with questions or concerns. This form will be posted on our website in June. The Advisor Request Form should be completed by August 1st.

Winter Term Student Information
Parents of winter term students will be contacted by Alex Lehmann in order to plan your child’s academic program at SMS. Academic questions should be directed to Alex Lehmann.


Student-Parent Handbook & Handbook Agreement Form
Available in July, the Student-Parent Handbook outlines the mission of SMS and provides an important overview of information related to our school traditions and expectations. All students and parents are required to sign the handbook form and return it to SMS by August 1st.

SMS Website & Email Login
All students and their parents will be provided with information on how to log into the gosms.org website, where you will be able to view special announcements and have access to your child’s academic and athletic schedules. Students will also receive their username and password for their SMS email.

Riding in a Motor Vehicle Permission Form
All students and their parents must complete this form which will be posted on our website in July. This form is required for both student passengers and student drivers. Student safety and responsibility are the primary goals of the SMS driving policies, and as such, a special car and driving form is presented for review and signature. Please complete this form by August 1st.

School Supplies & Packing Lists
All SMS student athletes should come prepared with items from the School Supply List which will be posted on our website in July. Boarding students should also bring the required items from the Boarding Student Packing List.


Boarding Student Roommate Assignments
Room assignments and roommate information will be provided to students at Registration.

Registration Day for Full Term Students
Registration for full term students is scheduled for the first Saturday in September. Classes begin on the following Monday.

Class Schedules
Class schedules will be available on Registration Day. Please contact Alex Lehmann with academic questions.

Season Passes
Families will receive information about purchasing Stratton season’s passes in September. The price is usually $299 plus tax.

Community Service Form
All full-term students are required to complete a minimum of five hours of community service per year of enrollment. The Community Service Form is posted on the School Forms page.


Registration for Winter Term Students
Registration for Winter Term students will be held in November. The date is will be announced as the fall approaches and a detailed schedule will be sent to winter-term families.

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