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International Students

Stratton Mountain School has a diverse population of international students. Please review the information below, and contact our Admissions Office (admissions@gosms.org) with any questions or inquiries.

Application Requirements & Deadlines

Stratton Mountain School accepts applications on a rolling basis.  We encourage you to submit your application materials by March 15th.  The admissions committee will continue to review applications after March 15th, while space is available. Please visit our Application Process page to submit an online application. 


We encourage all candidates to visit Stratton Mountain School for a personal interview and a campus tour.  If you are not able to visit, please contact the Admissions Office (admissions@gosms.org) to arrange for an interview. 

Tuition & Financial Aid

Tuition for international students is the same as tuition for domestic students. Please visit our Tuition and Financial Aid Page for more information.

Required Paperwork

International students must have the following documents when traveling outside of the United States:

  • Valid Passport
  • Original I–20 Form  
  • Valid F–1 Visa*
  • I–94 Form (departure record)

*At this time, Canadian citizens are not required to have a visa but are required to have an I-20 Form.

I-20 Form

International students must have the I-20 Form when entering the United States for the start of the school year and any time he or she re-enters the U.S. after traveling abroad.

Newly accepted international students are issued an I-20 Form through SMS’s Admissions Department. This form allows international students to remain in the United States while attending SMS. International students are required to have their I-20 Form with them each time they enter the United States. It is valid for each year the student is enrolled at Stratton Mountain School.

In order for Stratton Mountain School to initially process the I-20 Form, eighty percent of the upcoming school year’s tuition must be paid in advance. Once payment is received, the Admissions Director submits the I-20 Form to International Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP). An official copy of the I-20 is also sent to the student’s family.

F-1 Student Visa

You must have an F-1 Student Visa to study in the United States. An official I-20 Form is required to apply for the F-1 Student Visa at an American Embassy or Consulate. In addition, before applying for the F-1 Student Visa, applicants much pay a $200.00 I-901 fee online, through this link: (https://www.fmjfee.com/i901fee/index.html

Please click here for detailed information on the F-1 Student Visa application process. 

I-94 Form (departure record)

In order to re-enter the United States, students must carry their I-94 Form.  Forms can be obtained through this link:https://i94.cbp.dhs.gov/I94/#/home

Health Insurance

International students are required to have U.S.-based health insurance. Please contact Kate Boobar with questions.

Stratton Mountain School is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students.


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