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Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I bring?
Students should only bring the essentials. With minimal belongings, rooms can be clean and organized for the benefit of the student’s success and for the cultivation of a healthy relationship between roommates. 

What furniture is provided in my dorm room?
Each student will be provided with the following furniture in his or her dorm room:

  • Standard, US-sized single bed  
  • Desk  
  • Desk chair  
  • Armoire to hang clothing  
  • Dresser with three drawers

What are the room measurements? (all measurements in inches)

  • Armoire: W = 22” L = 36” Distance to ceiling = 37”
  • Armoire door: 1.5” by 58” by 16”
  • Windows: 32” (inside measurement) by 66”
  • Bed dimensions: 75” x 35”
  • Dimensions under bed: Height=11.5” Length=75” Depth=42”

What are the rooms like?
Each dorm room is adequately sized for its occupancy. The majority of rooms are doubles; however, there are two triples in the Girls’ Dorm and two triples in the Little Dorm. On rare occasions, a student may end up with a single. Each room is equipped with a bed, a desk and desk chair, an armoire, and a dresser. All dorm rooms have carpet floors. Many students also bring a rug to make their room homier. 

When can I request a roommate?
Roommate Request Forms are available during the month of July. It is on these forms that students may request a roommate. Roommate assignment process is a very deliberate and thoughtful process. In addition to student requests, the Director of Residential Life considers compatibility, winter sport, class year, personality, and organizational skills. Students will discover their roommate when they arrive for orientation.

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