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Summit Lecture Series - Rosie’s Mom: Forgotten Women of the First World War

March 08, 2018 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Rosie’s Mom: Forgotten Women of the First World War

A Vermont Humanities Council Program hosted by SMS (free admission)

Carrie Brown

One hundred years ago, a full generation before Rosie the Riveter, women rolled up their sleeves and entered war industries where they had never been welcome before. They ran powerful machinery, learned new skills, and faced the sullen hostility of the men in the shops.

In this illustrated lecture, historian Carrie Brown reveals their courage and their hard work, and explores how these women helped shape the work that their more famous daughters would do in the next World War.


Patti Kaltsas Center at Stratton Mountain School
7 World Cup Circle
Stratton Mountain, VT 05155
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