Built on a Tradition of Excellence

SMS Nordic Program Philosophy

The Stratton Mountain School Nordic program strives to develop individuals with an appreciation for healthy, active, outdoor lifestyles and a love of sport while providing every opportunity for success at the highest levels. Nordic skiers at SMS are expected to be model students, dedicated athletes and exemplary citizens of the school community.

We take a long-term and complete-athlete approach in our development process. The SMS Nordic program focuses on solid, consistent training in a variety of modes as well as appropriate exposure to regional, national, and international level competition. This is achieved in a team environment which emphasizes camaraderie, motivation, and accountability. Stratton Mountain School skiers work hard and support each other in their pursuit of excellence.

Alongside a long term approach to development, athlete education is of vital importance to training in the SMS Nordic program philosophy. We create an environment that allows student-athletes to understand and take ownership of the processes that facilitate improvement and success and equip them with the tools to achieve their goals. Our coaches take advantage of the most current technical information and tools in addition to field tests and video feedback on technique and biomechanics. Skiers leave SMS with the knowledge needed to continue their progress as athletes and individuals regardless of the path they takeā€”be it a collegiate ski program, the US Ski Team, academic pursuits, or other personal goals. 

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