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Application Process

Stratton Mountain School accepts applications from November 1st to March 15th, and the Admissions Committee reviews them on a rolling basis. March 15th is our priority deadline for applications for admission as well as financial aid. For all applications received by March 15th, Stratton Mountain School will notify applicants by April 15th.

The Admissions Committee will continue to review applications after the deadline on a rolling basis while space is available, and candidates will be notified once we have reviewed all elements of the application.

Returning students need not re-apply and will receive enrollment contracts for the following school year in early February.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the Stratton Mountain School Admissions Office has received all the necessary materials. Since admission to Stratton Mountain School is highly competitive, we encourage you to submit all parts of the application as soon as possible.


Please contact the SMS Admissions Office at admissions@gosms.org or (802) 856-1155 for instructions on how to complete an application for admission to Stratton Mountain School. 

Interview & Campus Tour

It is highly recommended that every candidate visit the school for a full day. If it is not possible to schedule a visit to the school during the winter, it is very helpful for us to receive a video of the applicant skiing or snowboarding. Click here for directions to our campus.

Financial Aid

If applying for need-based financial aid, please fill out an online Financial Aid Application. The school might also require you to supply your current-year tax returns. Financial aid is determined separately from admissions. It cannot be awarded until the school has received and reviewed the report from TADS. Applicants are encouraged to apply for financial aid at the same time they are applying for admission.


Admission to Stratton Mountain School is awarded based on academic, athletic, and personal accomplishments, as well as potential. It is the school’s policy to accept qualified students without regard to sex, race, color, creed, or national or ethnic origin.

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