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Lost Alumni

Staying in touch with alumni is important to SMS. You can help us keep in contact with our alumni by emailing Katy McNabb at kmcnabb@gosms.org if you’re listed below or if you know how to contact someone listed below.

Austin H. Fox ‘74
Debbie Tarinelli Purvin ‘74
John Timms ‘76
Beth Allen ‘78PG
Sarah H. Dodge ‘78
Lisa Klein ‘79PG
Sandy Treat ‘79PG

Douglas Bouton ‘80
Peter C. Federa ‘80
Bruce Andrews ‘81
Peter Field ‘81
Kris Sears ‘82PG
Wendy Reeves Spencer ‘82PG
Kim Warner ‘82PG
Edward Acosta ‘83PG
Nobu Mori ‘83
Mike Desler ‘84
Mike Hull ‘84
Catherine Monro ‘84
Mark Robinson ‘84PG
Nina Johansen ‘85PG
Claudia L. Stern ‘85
Brandon Walsh ‘85PG
Bill Bron ‘86
Craig Davidson ‘86
Tracie Knight ‘86PG
Kurt Almond ‘88PG
Morten Krog ‘88
Akria Mori ‘88
Scott Mulholland ‘88
Robert Wuerfel ‘88
Joseph Ackerman ‘89
Stacy Cota ‘89PG
Sarah Lewis ‘89
Kara McCarthy ‘89
Toby Salin ‘89

Christopher J. Love ‘90
Brian R. Pace ‘92
Autumn Ahlers ‘93
Justin C. DuMond ‘94
Jessica Lary ‘96
Rina Seki ‘96PG
Stephen Allbee ‘97
Lindsay Preda Ford ‘98
Charles C. Morace ‘99

Michael Goldschmidt ‘05
Joonhyuk Jeon ‘06
Martin Rajcan ‘07
Kendall Brown ‘08
Martin Hovorak ‘08
Helen M. Newman ‘08

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