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Alpine Teams

U14 Program
The U14 Program emphasizes learning strong fundamental skiing skills alongside athleticism, agility, and coordination. The full-time U14 Program is the building block of the SMS athlete, where he or she is familiarized with the skills needed to advance to an elite level of skiing while being immersed in a fun and productive environment.

Naga Kusumi, U14 Head Coach – (802) 856–1135

U16 Program
The U16 Program embraces the complete athlete model, teaching our athletes what it takes to be a full-time competitive ski racer. Basic endurance and light resistance training are introduced to the conditioning program, and a simplified on-snow peaking strategy is used to ensure continued success during the competition season.

Rolf Gidlow, U16 Men’s Head Coach

Morgan Korpi, U16 Women’s Head Coach – (802) 856–1145

FIS Program
The FIS program takes student-athletes who have developed as an athlete and teaches them how to compete at the highest level. This program focuses on complete athlete management; skiing technique and tactics, conditioning, equipment management, sports psychology, and nutrition. With these tools, SMS athletes are given the opportunity to be their best.

Matt Prendergast, U19/U21 Men’s Head Coach

Micah Lashar, Head U19/21 Women’s Head Coach – (802) 856–1134

Postgraduate Program
With the Postgraduate Program, athletes are given the opportunity to grow and develop with a concentrated year of training and competition that takes advantage of an extra year of physical development. The PG Program is suited for athletes who want an extra year to develop their FIS profile prior to entering college or a national team or extra time to attain their goals after graduation. The Postgraduate Program provides a balanced approach that combines individual conditioning, on-snow training and a focused competition season. Akin to being a professional athlete, SMS postgraduates focus on attaining peak conditioning in order to sustain a high level of competitive racing during the winter months at the FIS and Nor-Am level.

Mike Morin, Alpine Program Director – (802) 856–1132

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