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Postgraduate Program

The SMS Postgraduate (PG) program is designed to provide student athletes with the opportunity to train and compete in an elite, structured environment before moving on to a college or National team.  Our postgraduates are highly competitive athletes who train and travel for competition throughout the fall and winter. Most often, the PG program is an athletic endeavor only. 

The typical PG athlete has just earned his/her high school diploma and is aspiring to obtain a National Team nomination or earn a place on a college team.

Throughout the nine-month program, athletes will train with our experienced coaches at Stratton Mountain School, and travel to venues throughout the US, Canada, and Europe for additional training and competitions. Each athlete will have full access to our state-of-the-art facilities including our weight room, sports conditioning facility, tuning room, and dining hall.

Optional Academic Component

The postgraduate academic component is the ideal program for a student athlete who is looking to enhance his or her academic record alongside an advanced, sport-specific training schedule. Postgraduate students either enroll in a full schedule of SMS classes, audit 1 or 2 classes, or utilize our library for online college courses. 

For more information regarding the Postgraduate Program, please contact Jim Sullivan in Admissions.

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