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Art I

The primary goal of Art 1 is to gain knowledge and an understanding of visual art through practice of various artistic approaches and mediums. Students gain an understanding of art history as well as produce and discuss artwork and projects. Students receive an introduction to blending paints and drawing to create 3-dimensionality. An introduction to the following mediums are explored: drawing, painting and mixed media.

Art II

In this course, students engage in further exploration and understanding of visual arts through drawing, painting, mixed media and an introduction to sculpture and printmaking. Projects are more focused than those in Art I, as students explore different perspectives and applications of materials. Students are introduced to figure drawing and they further develop their observational skills.


The objective of this course is to provide students with the educational tools needed to make future life decisions with the best interests of their personal health and the health of their peers in mind. Wellness is the integration of mind, body and spirit that combines six dimensions of well-being: emotional, social, occupational, physical, intellectual and spiritual health. Throughout the semester, the class covers a broad range of topics that are included in the wellness hexagon, such as physical activity, nutrition, mental health, relationships, reproductive systems, conception and fetal development, sexually transmitted infections, abstinence and contraception, and lastly the effects of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs (ATOD). Providing students with the necessary information to make educated decisions about their health will lead to a positive effect on the other aspects of their lives including academics, social relationships, athletics and mental/emotional well-being.


In this course, students learn the basics journalistic design. Our end result will be the SMS yearbook. Throughout the course, students learn the importance of visual storytelling and communications while learning different design techniques. Each yearbook page will maintain consistent design principles while staying visually appealing to the reader. In addition, students learn how to write eye-catching headlines, subheads and captions. 


The production course provides students with an introduction into video and editing skills and offers the class opportunities to pursue personal creative projects. Students are introduced to computer editing using Final Cut Pro and other Apple-based editing programs. They learn various methods of filming and of increasing their spatial awareness to create visually compelling video projects. While Production is a one quarter class, many students have developed independent projects allowing them to extend to parameters of the class beyond the first quarter of instruction.

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