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Student Leadership

Stratton Mountain School’s Student Leadership Program is designed to increase ownership amongst the student body and enhance the overall community of the school. Student leadership positions, which are chosen by a committee of faculty members, are well-respected by the staff and require commitment as well as previously demonstrated leadership capabilities.

Filling a position of leadership means the student is a de facto member of the student council. The student will work with the Dean of Students and Director of Student Leadership to create positive, pleasant experience for his or her peers at SMS.


Qualified students will demonstrate characteristics that align with the student-driven school values listed below:

Bravery: Demonstrates willingness to challenge oneself socially and take a stand in order to uphold school values. His or her behavior serves as a model for other students. 

Effort: Puts effort into extra-curricular activities.  Looks for ways to improve the student experience on an ongoing basis.

Accountability: Demonstrates strong time management.  Reliably attends meetings and is always punctual.  Has never and will never violate major school rules.  Demonstrates good conduct at all times. Is a self-starter.

Respect: Has earned the respect of the staff and his or her peers. He or she is always respectful of others.  

Strength: Demonstrates strong leadership potential during his or her tenure here are Stratton Mountain School.  Handles challenges well.


Student Leadership Positions:

Dorm Prefect: Works closely with the adult dorm heads and the Director of Student Leadership to help implement and enforce policies that ensure a safe and healthy residential life program.

Head of New & International Students: Engages new and international students in life at SMS by encouraging the creation of and participation in a diverse range of activities.

Academic Mentor: Offers guidance and pointers to underclassmen, especially during the demanding winter months.

Admissions Ambassador: Helps to shape the future of the school by engaging with prospective students and their families to provide a well-rounded student perspective on life at SMS.

Head of Weekend Activities: Works with the Director of Student Activities to create fun and exciting activities for students.

Sustainability Representative: Works on projects to improve the environmental impact of SMS and ensures the campus is left in a clean and well-maintained manner.

School Spirit Advocate: Helps organize school spirit initiatives and extra-curricular events to enhance the school community.

Community Service Lead: In collaboration with the Director of Student Leadership, this student will assist in organizing opportunities to engage in community service both on campus and in the community.

Anti-Bullying Advocate: Works with a team of faculty members to create activities that promote camaraderie, sportsmanship, and a safe and healthy environment on and off campus.

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