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Ways of Giving

There are many ways to make a donation to Stratton Mountain School; we appreciate support at all levels. The generosity of our donors makes a difference in the lives of each student and teacher at SMS!

SMS accepts donations in the forms below. 

Checks by Mail

Please make checks payable to Stratton Mountain School. The mailing address is: Stratton Mountain School, 7 World Cup Circle, Stratton Mountain, VT 05155.

Gifts by Phone

Please contact Director of Development and Alumni Relations Nancy Gingras at (802) 856–1120 if you wish to make a donation over the phone.

Online Gifts

Use this link to make a secure on-line credit card donation. SMS accepts Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover cards.

Outright Gift of Appreciated Securities

If you own appreciated securities (held more than 12 months), you can benefit two ways by making a gift of securities to SMS. First you will be able to claim a charitable income tax deduction for the full value of the gift. As with outright gifts of cash, any amount exceeding the contribution ceiling can be carried forward and deducted for up to five more years. Second, you will avoid the capital gains tax on the amount of appreciation that would have been due if you sold the shares yourself, which means the actual cost to you as a donor is often far less than the value of your gift to the School.

To make a gift of securities to SMS, please contact Nancy Gingras in the Development Office at (802) 856–1120 to alert us about your intended transfer, or for any assistance you might need.

Please also provide the following information to the Development Office:

  • Your name, the name of the stock you plan to give, and # of shares
  • Name of the bank or broker who is transferring the stock
  • Approximate date stock will be gifted

Corporate Matching Gifts

Many employers match the gifts their employees make to Stratton Mountain School. Please check with your employer to see if the company has a charitable contribution matching gifts program. If so, your gift may be doubled or tripled simply by completing a form which will be available from your employer. Matching gifts will be credited to the individual’s personal gift record. SMS’s Tax Exempt ID number is 03-0259524.


Bequests, large and small, can provide a significant source of support for Stratton Mountain School. Naming Stratton Mountain School in your will as the recipient of all, or a portion of a donor’s estate, not only helps the School, but usually reduces the donor’s federal estate taxes, and in most cases, state inheritance taxes as well. The donor may specify that the School receive a percentage, an asset, a specific dollar amount, or the remainder of his or her estate. Frequently a donor may set up a charitable arrangement designating the income for life to another person and the principal ultimately to Stratton Mountain School. If you would like to get further information on making a bequest, or have already included Stratton Mountain School in your estate plans, please contact Director of Development and Alumni Relations Nancy Gingras at (802) 856–1120. (Requests for anonymity will be honored.)


If you own a life insurance policy that is no longer needed for its original purpose, you can benefit by contributing it to Stratton Mountain School. Simply ask your life insurance company for a “Designation of Beneficiary” form. To make an irrevocable transfer that will receive gift credit, you must name Stratton Mountain School as both beneficiary and owner. Send the originals to the life insurance company and a copy to Stratton Mountain School, Development Office, 7 World Cup Circle, Stratton Mountain, VT 05155. In general, you will receive gift credit for the cash surrender value of the policy and you may claim that value as an income tax deduction in the year of the transfer. 


Note: All of the above information regarding tax consequences when making any kind of charitable donation should be used only as a guideline, as federal tax laws applicable to charitable giving are subject to frequent changes. Please consult with your tax advisor about the specifics of your donation(s) to Stratton Mountain School.

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