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Freeskiing Program

The SMS Freeskiing program was one of the first freeskiing programs in the country and has been a driving force in the sport’s growth in the East and across the nation. Committed, goal-oriented student athletes are able to pursue excellence both in academics and athletics in the SMS Freeskiing program, while having one of the most rewarding experiences of their young lives at Stratton Mountain School!

Program Options

  • Full Term: Full school year for grades 8–12 & postgraduate
  • Winter Term: 5 month program from November to March for grades 7-8
  • Winter Camps:
    • Young Gun Projects: winter admissions camps for all athletes in grades 5-9
    • Action Sport Camps: 1 hour to 5 day camps offered year round for all athletes in grades 3-12 & postgraduate
  • Summer Camps4 day to three week camps offered in the summer to all athletes in grades 5-12 & postgraduate

SMS Freeskiing athletes benefit from the same structurally rewarding atmosphere that breeds success in our alpine, freestyle, nordic, and snowboarding Programs. SMS is renowned for having the best coaches and premier winter sports facilities at the base of Stratton Mountain. The Freeskiing program proudly meets the school’s top-tier standards. Students have access to our state-of-the-art training facilities, including the SMS gymnasium, Sports Science Lab and sports medicine facility, and the new Air Awareness Center which features a skating area, mini ramps, weight room area, as well as a foam pit, two trampolines, and one super-trampoline. More importantly, fulltime, on-campus coaches guide every aspect of training and preparation.

Our SMS Freeskiing Team members have garnered medals at all levels—locally, regionally, nationally, internationally—including current podiums on the national level in Slopestyle and Big Air, with an SMS team member earning her spot on the current U.S. Rookie Freeskiing Team. 

Do you have what it takes to join us? Contact Jesse Mallis (603-852-0039) for more information.


SMS Freeskiing Team Edit ‘15/’16 from Jesse Mallis on Vimeo.

Whistler from Jesse Mallis on Vimeo.


CO Camp December ‘15 from Jesse Mallis on Vimeo.


SMS Freeskiing // Hood 2015 from Jesse Mallis on Vimeo.


Rails Down Unda from Jesse Mallis on Vimeo.




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