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School Forms

All Stratton Mountain School students are required to fill out the school forms below. Please contact Melissa Oliva at 802.856.1100 with any questions you may have.

2017-2018 School Forms

All students must complete the following forms unless otherwise stated. All forms (except for the community service form) are GoogleDocs and are to be completed online.

All forms must be completed by August 1, 2017.

Medical Account and health insurance information updates are required annually. The Well Exam/Physical is required every two years. Your child’s Well Exam on file should be more recent than 9/2/2015.

International families: Please note that your child must have US-based health insurance. Information and forms are available to the right (under downloads).

If you have any questions about the forms, contact Melissa Oliva at 802.856.1100. For questions regarding Medical Accounts, please contact Kate Boobar at 802.856.1136.

Medical Account Instructions (read first)

Medical Account

2017-18 Handbook (read first)

Handbook Forms

Car on Campus Form (day students & senior boarding students only)

Roommate Request & Questionnaire (boarding students only)

Community Service Form

Media Form

Permission to Travel Form: Sept. 2017 - Aug. 2018



Contact Alex Lehmann at 802.856.1117 with questions.

Winter Term Questionnaire



School Supplies List

Suggested Packing List for Boarding Students

Alpine Equipment Requirements

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