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Dorm Parents

The Stratton Mountain School dorm parents are a group of caring and motivated staff who help maintain overall student well being. SMS’s dedicated group of dorm parents recognize their role in providing a nurturing environment with clear and consistent boundaries that encourage a successful academic, social, and athletic lifestyle.

The dorm staff is strategically placed throughout the residential buildings in an effort to best support the students and help foster a healthy and fun residential experience. Each hallway in the dorm has a staff apartment which houses a Dorm Head.

The dorm parents consist of teachers, coaches, and administrators. Every dorm parent is committed to making the residential experience a positive one for each student. Each weeknight members of the dorm staff are an on-campus presence. They make rounds in each building to ensure the students are using their time efficiently, whether it be in the tuning room, the student center, or in the library. Additionally, they greet each student in the dorm for check-in each night.

During the weekend there is a minimum of three dorm parents on duty. In addition to being an on-campus presence, they bring students on trips and organize activities such as movie nights, tie-dye, and baking.

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